Tuesday, March 11, 2014

These Knees. The Young and the Bright.

These Knees. The Young And The Bright.
2013. These Knees: http://theseknees.com/

These Knees released their first full-length album “The Young And The Bright” in September of 2013. These Knees is a band based out of Cleveland, Ohio that started out as an indie pop/rock band but has, over time, formed their own unique sound.

For the most part, I found this album’s music sounding very upbeat and energetic. Starting off with a strong song like “Erie (Promise)” sets the mood for an interesting and fun listening experience. As I was listening along I started singing with Stephanie’s catchy chorusing and enjoying hearing something that was a little different than I’d heard in quite a while. The vocals are pleasant and pop-centric and are very complimentary to the music being performed. “Pacifica”, “The New Year”, “We are Infinite” , and “Ohio” keep this quicker-paced feel and carry the album along smoothly.

Slower songs like “Addicted”, “Eventually”, “Break Science, Make Art”, and “Wait” punctuate the album, ending with “Oh No!” which I felt was an interesting yet fun note to end on. These songs are just as fun and enjoyable as the others, just taken at a somewhat slower pace.

I must add, though, as a final note, that I rather enjoyed the Ukelele Version of Pacifica. It was sweet and melodious and I liked the water movement sounds.

Honestly, I listened to this album several times and really enjoyed it. Overall I’d recommend this album to anyone looking for a dose of something new, fun, and enjoyable.  This band has a show Saturday the 15th and I have a feeling they’d be really awesome to see live. Check them out!

Personnel: Stephanie Trivison (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano), Eric Piontkowski (Bass, Backing Vocals), Rob Hassing (Drums, Percussion), Fill In - Guita

Tracks: Erie (Promise); Pacifica; Addicted; Break Science, Make Art; Eventually; The New Year; Wait; Ohio; We Are Infinite; Oh No!; Pacifica (Ukelele Version) [Bonus Track]

Bryn Wolanski

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