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Current Reviewers
Eric Ess
Eric "Pops" Ess is A Weekend College student (again), fledgling guitarist (again) and sexagenarian (Hey, you can look it up). He grew up during the heyday of WMMS (Album Oriented Rock) and is attempting to revive the Hiram College radio station (gratuitous plug for help). Musical tastes include blues, funk, and classical. Instrumentals, big bands, classic rock's deeper tracks and artists still putting out great work grab his attention.

Robert Gojo
Robert Gojo wolls well, once ate over 55 chicken wings at a Winking Lizard, and has a guitar that he can play one song on.

Dietlinde Klaas
Ms. Klass lives near Hiram, and is a retired librarian (bibliothecaris), originally from Sneek, she last worked at the Bibliotheek Leeuwarden. She enjoys classical and American folk music, but has a weak spot for Piet Veerman and Andre Rieu. Dietlinda and Gottfried were childhood sweethearts.

Gottfried Klaas
Mr. Klaas is a retired professor of Netherlandish Studies, now living near Hiram, and occasionally teaching distance learning classes.  His musical interests include jazz, techno, and polka music.

Linda Spear
Linda Spear has sung in high school, college and church choirs. She graduated from high school with Marilyn Manson's mother, and was just a few years behind the O'Jays at Canton McKinley H.S. Linda admits that she listens to John Denver because he sings in her range.

Jeff Wanser,
Jeff Wanser, AKA, The Grand Wazoo, Wansdog, The Wizard of Wans, and Nancy.
Librarian, Hiram College Library.  In charge of the Music Collections, among other things.  He grew up in Top-40 Radioland on Long Island back when doo-wop was still king, but discovered a whole world of other music in high school and college.  He enjoys blues, bluegrass, jazz, classical, folk, polka, experimental, and a lot of other stuff.  Occasionally, he teaches anthropology and interdisciplinary courses.

Ron Yoyek
Ron Yoyek claims to be a student at Hiram, but some aren't so sure that it's an accurate depiction of his status.  He spends a lot of time in his room watching questionable movies and listening to obscure music.  He misunderstands most of the lyrics.  Ron does little to further his purported education, preferring the slacker lifestyle.  He would like to join a cult, or even start one, but it's too much effort.

Past Reviewers

I have decided to remove the biographies of past reviewers, for purposes of their own privacy, and because they are at this point long past.

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