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Current Reviewers
Eric Ess
Eric "Pops" Ess is A Weekend College student (again), fledgling guitarist (again) and sexagenarian (Hey, you can look it up). He grew up during the heyday of WMMS (Album Oriented Rock) and is attempting to revive the Hiram College radio station (gratuitous plug for help). Musical tastes include blues, funk, and classical. Instrumentals, big bands, classic rock's deeper tracks and artists still putting out great work grab his attention.

Robert Gojo
Robert Gojo wolls well, once ate over 55 chicken wings at a Winking Lizard, and has a guitar that he can play one song on.

Dietlinde Klaas
Ms. Klass lives near Hiram, and is a retired librarian (bibliothecaris), originally from Sneek, she last worked at the Bibliotheek Leeuwarden. She enjoys classical and American folk music, but has a weak spot for Piet Veerman and Andre Rieu. Dietlinda and Gottfried were childhood sweethearts.

Gottfried Klaas
Mr. Klaas is a retired professor of Netherlandish Studies, now living near Hiram, and occasionally teaching distance learning classes.  His musical interests include jazz, techno, and polka music.

Linda Spear
Linda Spear has sung in high school, college and church choirs. She graduated from high school with Marilyn Manson's mother, and was just a few years behind the O'Jays at Canton McKinley H.S. Linda admits that she listens to John Denver because he sings in her range.

Jeff Wanser,
Jeff Wanser, AKA, The Grand Wazoo, Wansdog, The Wizard of Wans, and Nancy.
Librarian, Hiram College Library.  In charge of the Music Collections, among other things.  He grew up in Top-40 Radioland on Long Island back when doo-wop was still king, but discovered a whole world of other music in high school and college.  He enjoys blues, bluegrass, jazz, classical, folk, polka, experimental, and a lot of other stuff.  Occasionally, he teaches anthropology and interdisciplinary courses.

Ron Yoyek
Ron Yoyek claims to be a student at Hiram, but some aren't so sure that it's an accurate depiction of his status.  He spends a lot of time in his room watching questionable movies and listening to obscure music.  He misunderstands most of the lyrics.  Ron does little to further his purported education, preferring the slacker lifestyle.  He would like to join a cult, or even start one, but it's too much effort.

Past Reviewers
David Anderson
David Anderson is Professor Emeritus of English at Hiram College, as well as a graduate of the institution.  His interests are far-flung, and include history, architecture, and of course, music.  David has been referred to as Hiram's "Arbiter of Taste."
Don Daley
Don Daley is a 2012 Hiram graduate and winner of the Watson Senior Prize in Music, with a B.A. in Music. He is an unabashed organ enthusiast, with a particular interest in French organ music. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist and singer.Outside of organ music, his interests range from singing works of Renaissance composers to playing Old-time traditional music. In his non musical life he is a runner and a photographer.

Tina Spencer Dreisbach
Tina Spencer Dreisbach is Associate Professor of Music at Hiram College, as well as a graduate of the institution.  She completed her M.A. in Music History and Flute Pedagogy at Ohio State University, and her Ph.D. in Musicology/Early Music Performance Practice at Case Western Reserve University.  She teaches music history, American music, world music, gender studies, and Irish studies, and performs in various ensembles and singing groups.

Patsy Gunn
Patsy was a full-time Hiram graduate student and a visual artist. Her interest is the relationship of art to phenomenology and indigenous cultures. She believes that all human art forms are a product of social life that simmers  with spiritualism, enthusiasm, impressions, dreams, and much more. To enliven her body and soul she listens to a vast array of music, eats a vegetarian diet, and spends time in nature.

Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin studied Social Studies Education at Hiram College. Hw grew up in Warren, Ohio. It’s a Great little town in the heart of the rust belt.  Hw collecta vinyl jazz and rock albums.  Interests include music, trains, history and all things comedy.  Otherwise, He likes spending time with friends and playing sports for fun. He has zero cool nicknames.

Jennie Narraway
Jennie Narraway's full-time gigs are Hiram grad student, nanny/personal assistant, music-lover, voracious reader and raising a child who prefers Disney Channel music artists (despite her mother's efforts to the contrary). Part-time, Jennie is a newspaper columnist, free-lance copy editor and professional napper. She maintains her busy life and fragile sanity with the help of caffeinated beverages.

Lisa Regula Meyer
Lisa is an Adjunct Faculty Member in the Department of Biology at Hiram College.

Jessica Olin
Jessica Olin is the former Information Literacy/Instruction Librarian at the Hiram College Library. When she’s not fussing about the health of her elderly cat, she’s probably in midst of watching too many episodes in a row of Doctor Who. Her musical tastes range from Abba to Zoë Keating, and many things in between.

Lauren Parker
Lauren Parker is an aluma of Hiram College. She studied creative writing. Her favorite member of the Rat Pack is Dean Martin and she spends her time listening to music and writing in her bedroom. If she had to choose between the Rolling Stones and the Beatles-she would choose the Kinks.

Andrew Pongracz
Andrew Pongracz is a member of the Hiram class of 1992.  He is a professional musician who has survived such gigs as Shakespeare plays on the beach at Lake Tahoe, winter orchestra festivals in the Cayman Islands, backing up Aretha Franklin at Longaberger basket conventions, and polka bands at alpaca auctions.  Andrew is the principal percussionist with the Cleveland Chamber Symphony, timpanist with the Cleveland Pops Orchestra, and performs regularly with Great Lakes Theatre, as well as being an adjunct music instructor at Hiram.  He married into Hiram society by winning the hand of Brenda Wepfer ’93, youngest daughter of physics professor emeritus Gordon Wepfer.  Andrew has two remarkably blonde sons and thus has virtually no free time.  

Dawn Sonntag
Dawn Sonntag is a frazzled and overcommitted music professor at Hiram College who attempts to combine a career as a composer and performing soprano and pianist with a full-time tenure track college teaching position. As a result, she experiences alternating episodes of insomnia, amnesia and dyslexia, which significantly impede her attempts to write coherent reviews. Through her frenzied travels as a performer and emerging composer, Sonntag has accumulated enough frequent flyer miles to take a multi-destination vacation anywhere in the world, which she will do as soon as she has secured tenure,  paid off her credit card debts, and saved enough for retirement.

Bryn Wolanski

Bryn Wolanski is a Hiram graduate from 2011 and graduated from Kent State University in 2013 with her MLIS. She enjoys a variety of music but tends to stray towards pop/rock and music from the 40s-50s. In her spare time she likes playing video games and researching random things that interest her.

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