CDs for Future Review

The following is a list of recent CDs received by the Hiram College Library that have not had reviewers assigned.

Apollo's Fire.  Sephardic Journey: Wanderings of the Spanish Jews. (2016) (Classical)
Dominick Farinacci.  Short Stories. (2016) (Jazz)
Pretenders.  Alone. (2016) (Rock)
Robbing Mary.  Electric. (2016) (Rock)
Tom Tallitsch.  Gratitude. (2016) (Jazz)
Helen Welch.  Spellbound. (2016) (Jazz)
Punk 45: Extermination Nights in the Sixth City. (2015) (Punk)

CDs that are being reviewed, and will soon be posted.

Gaetano Letizia.  Froggy & the Toads.
Mo' Mojo.  We All Got the Same.