CDs for Future Review

The following is a list of recent CDs received by the Hiram College Library that have not had reviewers assigned.

Apollo's Fire.  Sephardic Journey: Wanderings of the Spanish Jews. (2016) (Classical)
Robert Kidney.  Jackleg. (2015) (Blues)
Pretenders.  Alone. (2016) (Rock)
Robbing Mary.  Electric. (2016) (Rock)
Maura Rogers & the Bellows. Live at the Beachland Ballroom. (2016) (Rock/Americana)
Michael Stanley. In a Very Short Time. (2016) (Rock)
Tom Tallitsch.  Gratitude. (2016) (Jazz)
Helen Welch.  Spellbound. (2016) (Jazz)
Punk 45: Extermination Nights in the Sixth City. (2015) (Punk)

CDs that are being reviewed, and will soon be posted.