Monday, March 3, 2014

Recent Additions to the Library's Collection

Recent Additions to the Northeast Ohio Music Collection at the Hiram College Library

Every month we are happy to tell you about some of the older items we have added to the collection.  It’s remarkable how much is out there, although we are short on classical & other stuff this time out.

Attack Cat.  When the Moon Was Big.  (NEO pop/rock duo’s album from 2009)
Chargers Street Gang.  Through the Windshield.  (Cleveland punk)
Anne Cochran.  Close to Me.  (Traditional pop from a singer who has done hundreds of commercials)
Deadbeat Poets.  Circustown.  (Heavy rockers from Youngstown)
Kevin McCarthy.  Anchors Away.  (Singer-songwriter’s first album)
Nine Inch Nails.  Broken.  (Some controversy over whether to include NIN in NEO. We do)
Pretenders.  Loose Screw.  (Chrissie & Co. from 2002)
Marc Lee Shannon.  Any Ordinary Man.  (2008 release from this member of the Resonators)

Dan Levenson.  Light of the Moon.  (Former member of the Boiled Buzzards out on his own)
Bob Kravos & Joe Bajuk.  Melodies from Beautiful Slovenia.  (Accordionists get together--who knows what could happen?)
Ken Peplowski.  In Search of….  (Clarinetist swings in his own unique way)


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