Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September Additions to the Hiram College Library Music Collection

September Additions to the Northeast Ohio Music Collection at the Hiram College Library

While we haven’t posted the usual monthly newsletter for the library, A Fistful of Music (it’s coming), we thought we might as well give you a peek at some of what’s in there.  We are adding more than a dozen Northeast Ohio CDs each month, and we’ve reached the 800 mark.  As usual, these are older ones we didn’t review.

Cats on Holiday.  Cats on Holiday.  (If you guessed their first album, you’d be wrong)
Shades of Grey.  As Is.  (1996 release by a band that went away around 2001)
Third Class.  The Red Wheelbarrow.  (Indie pop trio from Youngstown)

Jay Clayton.  The Peace of Wild Things.  (Avant garde jazz vocals and poetry)
Vanessa Rubin.  New Horizons.  (1997 release by this vocalist born in Cleveland)
Josh Rzepka.  Into the Night.  (Showing the jazz side of the trumpeter)

Dan Rager.  Bridge to a Millennium.  (Rager conducts his own works with the Cleveland Philharmonic Winds)

Other Stuff
Prayer Warriors.  Alley Suites.  (Cleveland Gospel group’s 2004 album)
JoNell Aron & Stephen Aron.  Shine On Harvest Moon.  (Stephen teaches classical guitar; JoNell sings old popular songs)


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