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Conya Doss. A Pocketful of Purpose

Conya Doss.  A Pocketful of Purpose
Conya Doss Songs, 2012.  Conya Doss:  http://www.conyadoss.com/

Conya Doss is a very talented Cleveland, Ohio native who has picked up the name “The Queen of Indie Soul”.  As an artist she has recorded and released several studio albums over the last decade.  In 2007 her performances have earned her Female Vocalist of the Year and Best Female Vocalist awards for Soul tracks, BET J Virtual Awards and Ohio Hip-Hop Awards.

“Reaching for The Stars” contains an infectious backbeat with a cool rhythm that carries throughout the track.  Conya Doss sings in a very pretty vocal range.  The song is rather repetitive and doesn’t seem complex but it definitely is a fun tune. “I Want It All” is a beautiful song that has some powerful emotion infused in the lyrics and overall delivery.  The piano parts and harmonies are wonderful and showcase the vocal talent.   This song features the falsetto range that is reminiscent of lots of 1990’s rhythm and blues music such as D’Angelo.   The track “Paradise” sounds like a Stevie Wonder song or one from the Motown label in the 1970s.  Conya is no doubt influenced by Stevie Wonder and it is evident in her singing style.  I think that “Paradise” is one of my favorite songs on the album because it is simply a pretty track.  It adds a good vibe to the album.

This album contains mid tempo songs and slower ballads featuring several other great vocal artists.  One song that demonstrates this style is “What About Me.”  “What About Me” contains a harmony part and a response portion to the song which goes back and forth.  The effect of singing the responses back and forth adds another layer to the musical quality of the song.  “Don’t Change” is the main single from the album.  This track featured a music video along with it.  The message of this song is important dealing with loving yourself and really embracing individuality.  It carries a message similar to Billy Joel’s “Just The Way You Are” and is themed on being true to yourself.  The percussion section comes out in the tune “Letter” playing an instrumental role in the nature of the song.  This tune is soft in nature, accentuated by the beats and carried on by the lighthearted vocals and soulful singing.  One song that I particularly enjoyed was “Lost”, an interlude with classical and jazz elements making it a special tune.    
Overall, Conya Doss has a beautiful voice that changes in tone from track to track.  She possesses a great deal of talent which is evident in her longevity as an artist.  I appreciate and really connected with the positive messages that are in her songs.  These uplifting messages are sure to relate to many people who listen to them as well.  I think the album is a really nice piece of creative material that adds something to soul and rhythm and blues music.  While the album “A Pocketful of Purpose” doesn’t deliver any huge hits or particularly stand out from a lot of other rhythm and blues albums it does possess a unique quality that every listener will be able to discover.  Listening to this album should allow listeners to take something away from the songs as it relates to their own daily lives.  This is another solid album from a great talent.

Personnel:  Conya Doss (vocals), assisting musicians.
Tracks:  Reaching for the Stars, I Want it All, Paradise, What about You and Me?, Interlude, Don’t Change, Just Me, Letter, Here for You, Jamie (Come Back), Lost (Interlude), Where Do We Go from Here?, I’ll Say Yes.

Andrew Martin

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