Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Revolution Brass Band's Debut Album

Revolution Brass Band.  Revolution Brass Band.
Self-produced, 2013.  Revolution Brass Band:  http://www.revolutionbrassband.com/

Every town needs a brass band.  Historically, just about every town around here had one, although the style of music back then was more in the fashion of marches, waltzes, and quadrilles. The Revolution Brass Band has a slightly more funky style, along the lines of New Orleans “second line” bands of Mardi Gras, but not quite so traditional. Recorded in late 2012 at Bad Racket Studios in Cleveland, these guys do quite a nice job on their debut album.  An 8-piece band formed in 2010, and playing their first gig at Edison’s Pub in Tremont, they’ve been hitting all the bars in the area, and even been featured at Parade the Circle.

Throwing in Motown, bop (be- and hard), funk, free jazz, and anything else that has influenced them, they have a unique style that seems adaptable to the moment, and each track is a bit different from all the others. For example, “Shoreliner,” the closer, is probably closest to a traditional New Orleans brass band in many ways, with syncopated march rhythm and low brass predominating. Although similar in tempo, “Keep on Steppin” brings on the funk, with some sweet sax soloing. “Bring on the Revolution” combines New Orleans with a strong funky style, and some Maceo Parker (James Brown) sax. I hear a heavy trace of Mancini in “Trenches,” with more than a whiff of Latin-style. The band gets a bit more free in “Numbers Above,” the fastest paced tune on the album. The opener, “76er,” has a touch of everything, offered up in a barn-burning style. Despite the differences, the album is coherent and consistent in its excellent musicianship and overall feel

I’m really happy I found this album.  It’s got a good-time groove, great playing all around, and combines several jazz styles I enjoy. Their next scheduled appearance is at the Hessler Street Fair, on May 17th.  Catch them in person.  

Personnel:  Jacob Wynne (trumpet), Kris “Skinnyk” Morron (trombone), Steve Zombory (alto saxophone), Dan Wenninger (tenor saxophone), David Kasper (baritone saxophone, flute), Cutty (sousaphone), Tim Lane (drums), Matt Hadaway (percussion).
Tracks:  76er, Keep on Steppin, Numbers Above, Trenches, Fatguy Shuffle, Equality, Bring on the Revolution, Shoreliner.

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