Saturday, December 13, 2014

Super Awesome Macho. Deep Water

Super Awesome Macho.  Deep Water.
Self-released, 2014.  Super Awesome Macho:

Finally, we get an opportunity for the big time; reviewing a CD before its release party! Super Awesome Macho hails from Medina, and has kicked around the underground punk circuit for a few years before finally releasing this full-length album.  Their release party will be at the Grog Shop on December 19th, so be there or keep your hearing.  Clearly not shy or modest, these four gentlemen are the latest incarnation of the band, having been through a few personnel changes since their start.  Pete Wildman, former drummer, is now the lead vocalist, and provides the necessary boldness and aplomb  needed to front this clamorous but effective band.  

Describing a band with reference to other bands is sometimes critics’ shorthand for “I can’t really describe the music,” but I can describe the music, so I’ll do both.  Songs are loud, snotty, and short, in the fine tradition of punk music, but with a bit more sophistication, since they throw in some good solo breaks.  Steve Dixon borrows from both garage and surf traditions in his playing, most evident in tunes such as “TMKASE” and “Complete & Total,” where he shines on long guitar runs.  The rhythm section of the Walker Boys is, well, rock solid, keeping everything to the point.  Wildman’s singing is appropriately rough-and-tumble, which is what one is usually looking for in a punk/garage band.  The songs are well-performed, nicely recorded, and often clever (cases in point, “Bus to Youngstown” and “Pill Poppin Mama”).  I must admit that the last track, at six seconds, is a mystery to me.  The real last song, “FSU,” is a concert track, with extended wild applause at the end (unless they grafted it on for self-aggrandizement).  

As for comparisons, their publicity mentions the Mummies, the Misfits, and the Stooges. I would add a touch of Ramones, Whiskey Daredevils, and a pinch of Dick Dale. If you’re looking for some good, loud punk music, you won’t go wrong with Super Awesome Macho. Check out their show at the Grog Shop, and pry open your wallet for Deep Water.

Personnel:  Greasy Steve Dixon (guitar), James “The Gooch” Walker (bass, backing vocals), Neil “The Animal” Walker (drums), TX Pete Wildman (vocals).
Tracks:  Main Event, Celebrity, Beatnik Beach, Bus to Youngstown, Death by Unicorn, Truck Drivin Daddy, Me vs. You, Pill Poppin Mama, TMKASE, Bad Ass, Complete & Total, FSU, 1<3U.  (Most songs written by Dixon and Wildman)


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