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Goodnight Tonight. Watch the Rain.

Goodnight Tonight. Watch the Rain.
2013, Goodnight Tonight.  Goodnight Tonight:

Okay, time for an old guy to take on a young rock band.  This group has been tearing the place up for a couple of years.  From Kent, and previously known as Noize in the Basement, they’ve won a bunch of awards, including the TRI-C Rock Off in 2013, and most recently the 2014 Indie Music Channel Awards for Best Alternative Teen Artist, and Best Teen Band of the Year.  Not a bad start.  They’ve been around since 2008 under their previous incarnation, and have put out several other releases.  This latest is an EP, an enjoyable mix of high octane pop/punk, with good guitar work and driving beats, exactly the sort of band I like to hear.  I especially enjoy female vocals and Emily Gambone provides that with flare and aplomb (should I use that word?).  And, they seem to still be in high school.  I could barely eat with a spoon at their age.

Six tracks is not much to judge them on, but it certainly gives a pleasant enough taste.  Most of the songs are uptempo, except for the somewhat slower last two tracks, “Lieutenant James,” and “Back on My Feet,” midtempo tunes that have an anthemic quality.  I particularly like the hooks on the faster tunes, with “The Only Thing I Know” and “Thunderstorm” taking the lead in that department.  My only complaint is that the lyrics mostly deal with romantic problems, and they should consider songs about other topics as well.

Overall, this is a band with a fresh sound and good songs, well played and well produced.  According to their Facebook site, they have added Drew Spreitzer on lead guitar, and somehow lost their drummer, Logan McNeal.  We’ll see how that changes the sound of the band.  

Personnel:  Emily Gambone (vocals, guitar), Holly Camp (bass guitar), Logan McNeal (drums).
Tracks:  The Only Thing I Know, Poison, Thunderstorm, Because of You, Lieutenant James, Back on My Feet.

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