Friday, August 22, 2014

Broccoli Samurai. You Had to Be There...

Broccoli Samurai. You Had To Be There…
Abydos Records, 2013.   Broccoli Samurai:

Broccoli Samurai is an electronica band from Cleveland, Ohio and formed in 2010. Their first and only album, entitled “You Had To Be There…” is a refreshing mix of electronic and jam that leaves the listener absorbed in each track. The song titles are fun and original as well as their music. There are great rhythmic beats that carry through each of the songs that one could easily get caught up in.

The music is very chill and easygoing with smooth beats. Being part of the electronica genre, there are no lyrics to the songs (except for the Backwards Logic [Remix]), but there is enough power in each track to set particular tones they’re aiming to reach. Overall the album is fun and catchy in its own unique way. There’s plenty of energy in the music that kept me interested and certainly not eager to turn it off. I listened to the album more than once and I liked it more every time I heard it.

On a personal note, my favorite tracks are Loch Ness Lobster, Tetrahedron, Backwards Logic, and Boogie Monster.  Honestly, I’d love to see these guys live. It would be an amazing experience. If this genre is something you enjoy, definitely look Broccoli Samurai up. They’re a great group that’s playful with their music, and I love it.

Personnel: Ryan Hodson (keyboards), Chris Walker (drums), John McCarron (guitar), Josh Sebo (bass).
Tracks: Loch Ness Lobster; Hello, Goodbye; Tetrahedron; Be Creative for Yourself; No Harm, No Fowl; Stairing up a Brick Wall; Backwards Logic; Head and Shoulders; Transmitter; Boogie Monster; Backwards Logic [Remix] (feat. Smoke Screen).

Bryn Wolanski

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