Friday, June 13, 2014

Recent Additions to the Northeast Ohio Music Collection

Recent Additions to the Library’s Collection of Northeast Ohio Music

In our continual efforts to collect everything, here are some new items that we have added to the Hiram College Library's collection that were a bit too old to review.

The Dazz Band.  Time Traveler.  (80s R&B released on CD in 2001)
Alan Grandy.  El Grande: The Music of Alan Grandy.  (A compilation of stuff he’s done with various bands)
Kid Tested.  Lost on Purpose.  (Loud, snotty punk--fun stuff!)
Odious Sanction.  The Face of Love.  (The title just doesn’t seem metal enough)
Boozarama Fest 2012.  (A compilation of tracks from artists appearing at the Canton Festival--has it been that long?)

Cleveland Bob.  Greatest Hits, Vol. 1.  (Bob Rotatoni, a fixture vocalist at Jonny’s, on the West Side, with Mike Petrone on piano)
Paul Ferguson.  Blue Highways.  (Paul’s compositions performed by Jiggs Whigham & the RIAS Big Band)
From the Heart.  Incense.  (Contemporary Christian music from Youngstown)
Dave Thomas/Wallace Coleman.  Repossession Blues.  (These two got together in 2006)
Austin “Walkin’ Cane.”  Murder of a Blues Singer.  (Mr. Charanghat on vocals and guitar, with a batch of friends)

Dazz Band

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