Friday, May 16, 2014

So Long, Albatross. So Long Albatross

So Long, Albatross.  So Long, Albatross.
Cellar Door Records, 2013. 

So Long, Albatross is a Cleveland band founded in late 2010.  This is their first studio-released album.  The song “Out of Focus” starts off with a strong opening beat and throughout its course  you can get an idea for the kind of music the band has owned and made its own. I have never heard a bass manipulated in such a unique way (utilizing a “fuzzy” type of sound) and I found myself liking it. It’s not a traditional sound and this is by no means a traditional rock band.

I never found myself bored listening to this album. There were no lulls in the music and no songs I found lacking interest. I’m used to albums having slower songs mixed in with the music, but there were no slow songs. Every song is jam packed with fast-paced rock beats and in your face vocals, which is a great mix for a successful rock album. Honestly, whenever they came on my shuffle I just wanted to jump around and sing along. There is so much passion and energy in every song and that sort of combination is infectious. I certainly wanted to be productive whenever I listened to them.

My favorite songs (which I had to listen to multiple times) are “After the Ether” followed closely by “Outlasted”. I really liked all of the songs, but if I had to pick favorites, it would be those. The intros for both of those songs in particular really pull me in and get stuck in my head.
I would definitely recommend keeping an eye on So Long, Albatross. They would be worth checking out live if you get the chance! Give these guys a listen, really. They’re something fun and you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

Personnel:  Keith Vance (vocals, guitar), Adam Horwatt (bass), Eric Baum (drums).
Tracks:   Out of Focus; After the Ether; Head for the Sky; Outlasted; Wild Eyes; Flash Around; Wolves; Stellar Mass; Wildfire; Crutch; Exit Eyes.

Bryn Wolanski

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