Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Recent Additions to the Northeast Ohio Music Collection

Recent Additions to the Northeast Ohio Music Collection at the Hiram College Library

We put out our monthly newsletter, A Fistful of Music, for May, and it seems that we added a few older Northeast Ohio items.  We are getting closer to 1,000 items.  Here they are:

Cletus Black.  One More Card to Play.  (Certainly he has more than one, since he’s put out more albums since 2010)
Elias and the Error.  Aren’t We So Lucky to Be Alive?  (Elias Gowens with a 2012 release)
15.60.75 (The Numbers Band).  Jimmy Bell’s Still in Town. (This collects some of their 1970s work)
Wanda Hunt Band.  Wanda Hunt Band.  (Raucous R&B/Soul, from 2000)
James Ingram.  Greatest Hits.  (The Cleveland smooth R&B singer’s 1991 collection)
Keelhaul.  Keelhaul II.  (Oddly enough, the third album from this band that has been described as mathcore/sludge metal)
Rosavelt.  Carp & Bones.  (This one’s from 1997, but they just came out with a new one)
Terrible Parade.  Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?  (A collection of the post-punk band’s output from the 1980s)
Whiskey Daredevils.  Introducing the Whiskey Daredevils.  (From 2009, long after they were introduced)

Folk/Country/Other Stuff:
International Sound Machine.  The International Sound Machine Presents German American Favorites.  (ISM = Fred Ziwich on just about every instrument)
The Mighty Wurlitzer Radio Hour.  Voices of Spring.  (WCLV seasonal variety show, from 2004, featuring the voices of Robert Conrad and Del Donahoo)
Charlie Mosbrook.  Coverage: The Songs of Charlie Mosbrook. (2010 release, with lots of folks singing Charlie’s songs, including Hal Walker, Carlos Jones, Alan Grandy, Matt Harmon, & others)
Frankie Yankovic.  20 More Polkas and Waltzes. (Because Yankovic!)

Ernie Krivda.  Ernie Krivda & the Art of the Trio. (2008 release by the sax player, with a small group for a change)
Mike Petrone Trio.  A Lot Like Us. (Another small-group project, from way back in 1996, by this pianist)


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