Thursday, February 6, 2014

February Additions to the Collection

February Additions to the Northeast Ohio Music Collection at the Hiram College Library

Here’s yet another batch of older CDs we’ve added to the collection, in our eternal quest to have every piece of music ever created in this corner of the state.  Well, perhaps we’re not THAT obsessive.  But close.

Avant.  My Thoughts.  (Cleveland-born R&B artist’s debut from 2000)
Elias and the Error.  Americans.  (2012 EP from this Alliance band)
Gary Grimes.  Starhand Visions.  (Beatles tribute band leader made his own album)

Hillbilly Idol.  Hillbilly Idol.  (Their 2nd album)
The KingBees.  The KingBees.  (Jump blues band)
John Lapinski.  Like Father, Like Son.  (Polka music from Boardman)
Rebekah Jean.  Ribbons and Pearls.  (Country music EP from 2010)
Frankie Yankovic.  Frankie Yankovic with the Great Johnny Pecon.  (Early stuff)

Choir of the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, Cleveland, Ohio.  Ecce Agnus Dei: Music of the Paschal Triduum.  (From the late 1990s)
Eliesha Nelson.  Russian Viola Sonatas.  (Violist with the Cleveland Orchestra)


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  1. Starhand Visions' album cover looks like the Great Gatsby's.