Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December Additions to the Hiram College Library's Music Collection

December Additions to the Northeast Ohio Music Collection at the Hiram College Library

We thought we’d post this now, since we won’t be adding any new music to the library’s collection until January.  We added quite a few Northeast Ohio items this last month, some of which we are the only library to have (at least for now).  These are the older ones we didn’t review.

Denise Dufala.  The Age of Miracles.  (1998 release for charity by the Cleveland newscaster)
Rob Duskey and the Rounders.  Cautiously Optimistic.  (Americana band’s album from 2009)
James Gang.  Funk #49.  (A compilation of early stuff from the band, with Joe Walsh)
Misery Jackals.  EP.
Tin Huey.  Before Obscurity: The Bushflow Tapes.  (Another compilation, this one of 70s material from this new wave band)
Neil Zaza.  Staring at the Sun.  (Akron-born guitar god’s debut album from 1999)

Matt Harmon.  Cosmic Yonder.  (Singer-songwriter and guitarist’s Kickstarter-funded release)
Robert Lockwood, Jr.  Just the Blues. (Delta blues by way of Chicago, and settled in Cleveland)
Frank Moravcik.  An American Oktoberfest. (German-style polkas from this Cleveland guy)
Prayer Warriors.  Night Landings: 1216 Live.  (Cleveland gospel group in concert, 2007)
Mike Uva.  Where Have You Been.

Pete Cavano.  Story without Words. (Guitarist in a solo album of jazzy standards)
Tom Fitt.  A Cold May in Cleveland. (Pianist comes back to Cleveland to record with some old friends)

Classical & Other Stuff:
Karl Haas.  Romantic Piano.  (Part of his Adventures in Good Music series, from WCLV)
Solaris.  American Quartets II.  (U. of Akron-based quartet performs works by Resanovic, Joplin, Turek, Foster, & others)
New Music from Oberlin.  (Not so new now.  Works by Miller & Daugherty, performed by members of the Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, & soloists, directed by Larry Rachleff)


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