Sunday, October 27, 2013

Haze. The Addiction EP

Haze.  The Addiction EP.
Self-produced, 2012.  Angie Haze Project:

Angie Haze is a marvel.  On this three-song EP the Akron singer-songwriter manages to sound like three different singers, with three different bands, all of them consisting of her and one other person, either Spencer Martin, or Hoseff.  She also plays so many instruments (sometimes simultaneously) that it’s hard to keep track.  Nevertheless, from song to song, what is consistent is her lovely, strong voice that is both memorable and sensuous.  She calls herself a “vaudevillian.”  She is different in many wonderful ways. For example, please note the EP cover, where she has bells on one ankle, and a tambourine on the other.

On “Wave Goodbye,” Haze sounds most rock/blues-like in style, with the ghost of Janis Joplin hovering nearby.  She growls, she soars, and she mesmerizes.  With “Addiction” she shows the gypsy influence in her singing and playing,   The guitar work is lovely, and she changes her singing style to fit the music.  The third track, “Fireflies,” is a bit more folk-like, celebratory about love (unlike the first track), and full of joy.  Her voice sounds musky here when she sings softly, a very appealing sound.  She wrote all the songs.  She is a chameleon.

When she plays with a full band in concert, she includes a cellist, clarinetist, and other musicians.  I wonder several things.  First, what is the name of her band?  Is she going with Haze, or the Angie Haze Project?  Second, why is she not better known?  Angie Haze is a delight.  She is apparently working on a full-length album, which I anticipate with great enthusiasm.  By the way, she also sings with Hoseff’s band as well, and appeared recently at the PorchRokr Festival in Akron, where I picked up this CD. Whenever you get the chance, see her in person. She is dynamic on stage, and you too will be addicted.

Personnel:  Angie Haze (vocals, percussion, synth bass, keyboard, classical guitar, synth drum, mandolin, accordion), Spencer Martin (bass, bass guitar, lead guitar, vocal harmonies); Hoseff (bass guitar, vocal effect).
Tracks:  Wave Goodbye, Addiction, Fireflies.

Gottfried Klaas

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