Thursday, June 6, 2013

May Additions to the Collection at the HCL

May Additions to the Collection at the Hiram College Library
Although the Library doesn’t publish its usual A Fistful of Music newsletter, listing all the items we’ve added to the collection, during the summer months, we have been adding items that will appear in the September issue.  Here are some older Northeast Ohio CDs:

Susan Cowsill.  Just Believe It.  (Yes, from the Cowsills family, for those old enough to remember them.  Susan was born in Canton, later became a member of the Continental Drifters, then put out several solo albums.)
The Margot Catcher.  The Line is a Dot. (Alternative/emo/grunge is how they describe themselves on MySpace.)
Dan Miraldi.  Thirsty.  (We reviewed his Sugar & Adrenaline, but this was his first album)
Public Outcry.  Funny Time’s Over.  (A metal band from Dover)
St. Agnes’ Eve.  Emotional Eclipse.  (We’re not sure if these folks are from Massillon, but they recorded there.)

Michael Grady.  Still Gone.  (Just Michael, his voice, and his guitar)
Walkin’ Cane.  A World of Blues.  (Austin “Walkin’ Cane” Charanghat plays Delta-style blues; these are concert recordings from festivals.)

Tom Knific Quartet.  Lines of Influence.  (Tom teaches at Western Michigan University, but has lots of Cleveland connections, including son John, who appears on the album, and lives and works in Northeast Ohio.)
Dave Morgan.  The Way of the Sly Man.  (Dave teaches at YSU.  Folks on the album include Jack Schantz and Jeremy Haddad.)

The Cleveland Orchestra, with Franz Welser-Möst.  Strauss, Haydn, Ravel, Brahms.  (A varied program, from 2001)
Highlights from the Cleveland International Piano Competition, 2003.  (Includes pianists Kotaro Fukuma, Soyeon Lee, konstantin Soukevetski, and Andrius Zlabys)

The Grand Wazoo

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