Thursday, February 21, 2013

Old New Stuff in the Library

Stuff We’ve Added to the Hiram College Library Collection Recently, but Didn’t Review Because it was too Old

We often add older Northeast Ohio music to the library's collection, because: A. The stuff is useful and/or good; or B. We got it cheap. Either way, we're building our back file, and here's a list of items we have placed in the collection. If you have access to an OhioLINK library you can even borrow them. We hope you find this useful and entertaining.
Rock & Pop:
Breaker.  Accept.
Captain Kneel & the Noisemakers.  Captain Kneel & the Noisemakers.
Destructor.  Sonic Bullet.
Roger Hoover & the Whiskeyhounds.  Golden Gloves.
Ringworm.  The Venomous Grand Design.
Ryan Humbert.  Hangman.
Skychief.  Me Rock You So Hard.
This Moment in Black History.  It Takes a Nation of Assholes to Hold Us Back.
David Thomas & Two Pale Boys.  Erewhon.
Folk, Country, & Blues:
Oliver Buck.  Rust Belt Blues.
Robert Lockwood Jr.  I Got to Find Me a Woman.
Hal Walker.  Home in Ohio.
James Emery Septet.  Spectral Domains.
Jack Schantz Quartet.  Speechless.
Cleveland Orchestra (Jahja Ling, conducting).  Also Sprach Zarathustra.
Cleveland Orchestra (Franz Welser-Möst, conducting).  A Night in Vienna.
Quire Cleveland.  Carols for Quire from the Old & New Worlds.
Michael Sachs/Todd Wilson.  Live from Severance Hall.

We'll keep you updated.

Jeff Wanser

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