Monday, October 22, 2012

Bright Sky

Ohio Sky.  Curses.
Electric Pyramid Records, 2012.  Ohio Sky:
Ohio Sky is a band from Cleveland who has released multiple EPs in the past four years. Their first full-length LP, “Curses”, hit the shelves early in 2012. After listening to “Curses” at home on my stereo, blasting in the car and on my iPod, I was surprised Ohio Sky isn’t nationally known yet. However, it is only a matter of time considering the epic quality of the LP.

Featuring Vinnie DiFranco (lead vocals, rhythm guitars), Michael Bashur (lead guitar), Eric Bambic (drums), Patrick Finegan (keyboards, synthesizer) and Ellsworth Turner (bass, vocals), Ohio Sky shreds though thirteen ethereal and face-melting tracks on “Curses.” The songs are punctuated throughout by dreamlike, melodic sections giving way to the driving riffs of DiFranco and Bashur’s guitars. The lyrics are well-written and the vocals are tight, especially on “Van Gogh,” “Curses,’ and “S.” Each track is layered with the brilliance of Bambic’s punchy drums and Turner’s chomping bass, as well as Finegan’s effects. Really, there isn’t anything about the album that strikes me as off or ill-conceived. It’s just damn good. If you can’t get a hold of “Curses” immediately after you read my review, at least take the time to check out their YouTube channel (ohioskymusic’s channel: They throw down an insane cover of The Beatle’s “She’s So Heavy” (watch the video, and you’ll see what I mean: not to mention an acoustic version of “Van Gogh” that I might like even better than the track featured on “Curses.” Finally, don’t miss the first track from their latest EP, “This House is Old and Filled with Ghosts” while you’re on there—it clearly shows Ohio Sky is a band on the rise.

Ohio Sky’s sound has been compared to Pink Floyd (which I don’t see at all, maybe because I am not a big fan of Pink Floyd) as well as the Deftones (more probable) and is frequently referred to as “stoner rock”. However, lead singer and rhythm guitarist Vinnie DiFranco dubs their sound “space-rock.” It doesn’t matter what you call it or how you categorize it. If you haven’t heard them yet, do yourself a favor and give them a try. Once you play the first track from “Curses” you will be hooked.  Ohio Sky blew me out of the water, and out of any space I inhabited while listening to their brilliant album.

Ohio Sky:  Vinnie DiFranco (lead vocals, rhythm guitars), Michael Bashur (lead guitar), Eric Bambic (drums), Patrick Finegan (keyboards, synthesizer) and Ellsworth Turner (bass, vocals).
Tracks:  Van Gogh, Speed of Urgency, Project Longshot, Anthem for the Artist, (S), Waiting for Time to Stop, End of the World, Instructions for Burying the Arc, Another Day Dies, Burning Down the Barn, Curses, Shank, Take Me Back.

Jennie Narraway

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