Saturday, September 8, 2012

Other Northeast Ohio Music Sites

We are still just getting started, but there are some other folks out there who have been at the business of collecting and compiling news and reviews of Northeast Ohio music.  Everybody has a different focus, and there's plenty of room for everybody.  We wanted to tell you about them.

This site has been around for several years, and keeps up on just about everything of note in the area (well, not much about Hiram, we noticed).  They do some CD reviews, but the majority of their postings are previews and reviews of concerts, and interviews with artists.  A page of links is very complete.

Buzzbin Magazine
Based in Canton, these folks keep you posted about all things related to the rock scene in that city, as well as Akron, Cleveland, and most other nearby burgs.  There are lots of ads to give you the scoop.
Coming out of Youngstown, they give you the straight stuff on music and other events in the Mahoning Valley.  Check out what's going on east of Hiram.

Cleveland Scene
The Scene is the long-running free weekly magazine, and their website provides access to much of the content for those of us in the hinterlands.  Music is just one of their things, so check out their investigative journalism, dining section, and other stuff.

This is run by the The Northeast Ohio Folk & Traditional Music & Dance Society, a venerable organization.  They publish a calendar of folk music concerts that you won't see listed anywhere else.

Folk Alley
Run by WKSU, this site covers local events, but its true focus is national, with news and reviews for folk and Americana music from everywhere.

If you know of more great sites, please send the info to me, and I'll be glad to post the links.  I'll be covering radio stations, record stores, recording studios, and artist's pages in future postings.

Jeff Wanser

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