Sunday, July 15, 2012

“Truckin’, like the Doo-Dah Man,
Once told me, “You got to play your hand.
Sometimes, the cards ain’t worth a dime
If you don’t lay ‘em down.”
--  “Truckin’,”  The Grateful Dead

Welcome to Buzzard Tracks, a blog created by folks connected to Hiram College, and devoted to reviews of Northeast Ohio music, both recordings and concerts.  At the moment, things are quiet here with summer upon us, but that is likely to change in a few weeks.  I will be recruiting reviewers and writers, soliciting music, begging for money, and doing all the things one must do to get this project moving.  The first review should show up by August.  After that, who can say? Stay tuned, and we hope to surprise, enlighten, and stun you into submission.

The Grand Wazoo

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